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TechTalk Samples and Biobanking

  • Jan Pen, Kenniscentrum Plantenstoffen
  • Remko Schotte, AIMM Therapeutics
  • Adrie Kromhout, Biobank-unit VUMC
  • Tom van den Bogert, MyMicroZoo
  • Henricus Verspaget
Thursday 9 February 2017
Grand Café De Stal
Darwinweg 1
2333 CR Leiden

Researchers in Leiden have a long tradition of partnering with local Leiden or Dutch companies. These are celebrated across a broad spectrum of relationships, from informal connections, shared studentships and bilateral R&D collaborations to extensive consortia arrangements with complex public/private funding.

Leiden University knowledge exchange office Luris provides support to expand these relationships and is always looking forward to exploring how such connections can be created or strengthened. One such initiative is the TechTalk programme. TechTalks are aimed at bringing the research community together, whether based in business or in academia.

Multiple speakers with different backgrounds will address the access to samples, the use of samples and the creation of biobanks. Next to this, the relation to drug development, diagnostics and (long-term) cohort studies will be discussed.

During the Q&A we invite everyone to participate and share your insights on the challenges, advantages and roles of biobanks in the near future. See the preliminary programme here.

TechTalks are organised by Luris, Leiden Bio Science Park Foundation, Centre of Expertise Genomics in Leiden Generade, 'Centrum Bioscience en Diagnostiek' (CBD) of the University of Applied Sciences Leiden and LUMC 'Boerhaave Nascholing'. TechTalks are aimed at bringing the research community together across the Leiden Bio Science Park, whether based in business or in academia, and others who are interested.

Would you like to attend? Please register via the Leiden Bio Science Park Foundation website here.

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