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L-PEG Lunch Seminar: "China, Economic Development, and Global Security: Bridging the Gaps"

  • Dr. Matt Ferchen
Friday 10 February 2017

China’s evolving role in global affairs has spawned a growing debate among academics, policymakers and citizens around the world. While China portrays its rise as contributing to global prosperity and peace, many observers outside of China worry that China’s assertive turn on international economic and security issues has the potential to jeopardize the existing regional and global order. These conflicting paradigms have led to oversimplifications of China’s international impact and influence, both of which neglect the interplay between economics and geopolitics. How can a more balanced understanding of China’s international political economy, in particular the relationship between economic development and global security, be constructed?

Our speaker, Dr. Matt Ferchen, visiting Leiden from Tsinghua University, will share his paper on China, economic development, and global security. Speakers distribute a working paper in advance of the seminar to registered participants. After the talk, there is ample time for feedback. Please register in advance of the seminar to receive a copy of the paper: l-peg@hum.leidenuniv.nl 

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