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LUCIS scholar Salim Tamari

From Wedesday 28 until Friday 30 September, Salim Tamari (Institute for Palestine Studies) will visit Leiden and partake in three LUCIS events.

On Wednesday 28 September, Salim Tamari will offer a Masterclass on "Ottoman and Colonial Modernities in the Transformation of the Urban Space." The Masterclass is open to Master students and PhDs. 

On Thursday 29 September, Salim Tamari will deliver a WHAT's NEW?! lecture entitled "Autobiographic Narratives and the Great War". This lecture will deal with the question how the experiences of the Great War shaped the identities of Arab and Turkish soldiers fighting for the Ottoman Empire. 

On Friday 30 September, LUCIS will organize a Faculty Roundtable on the use of diaries in research, chaired by Petra Sijpesteijn. An interdisciplinary group of scholars will attend the roundtable and they will critically examine the possibilities and limits of diaries as a source in research.

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