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Indigenous Films Series

This series introduces films that focus on the ancient and the contemporary experiences of Indigenous peoples in the world. These are presented through compelling human stories narrated from the point of view of Indigenous communities and individuals. They cover important topics such as intercultural encounters, the role of women, the complex and sophisticated cosmologies, the military and artistic practices, among others.

At the crossroads

Indigenous communities often find themselves at the crossroads of the times, and their lives and perspectives are artfully explored sometimes through cinematic experiments that are of interest to students as well as professors, regardless of whether they work on Indigenous issues.

Time and place

Screenings will take place in the Van Steenis Building every other Thursday from 15.00 to 17.00. Discussion and commentaries are welcomed after each screening.


These films would be of interest to students of all levels in archaeology, anthropology, linguistics, film studies, art history, area studies (especially, North and Latin America, Asia, Oceania and the Pacific), gender studies, literature, among other fields.

For more information, please contact: Dr. G.D.J. Llanes Ortiz

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