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Race and Education

  • Kenneth J. Meier
Monday 7 November 2016
Schouwburgstraat 2
2511 VA The Hague

Based on the 1,800 largest school districts in the United States over a decade, The Politics of African- American Education documents the status of African- American education and the major role that partisanship plays. The book brings together the most comprehensive database on minority education to date that centers around three arguments. First, partisanship permeates African- American education; it affects who is elected to the school board, the racial composition of school administrators and teachers, and the access of African- American students to quality education. Second, African- American representation matters. The effectiveness of African- American representation, however, is enhanced in Democratic districts while representation in Republican districts has little infl uence. Third, political structures matter, but they are not determinative. Two different structures –election systems and the independent school district –create the rules of the game in US education politics and policy but do not limit others from using those rules to change the outcome.

This seminar is based on the new book ‘The Politics of African- American Education’, authored by Kenneth J. Meier and Amanda Rutherford (Indiana University).

After the seminar, refreshments are served.

Biography Kenneth J. Meier

Kenneth J. Meier is the Charles H. Gregory Chair in Liberal Arts and Distinguished Professor of Political Science at Texas A&M University. He is also a Professor of Public Management at the Cardiff University School of Business (Wales). He was formerly the editor- in- chief of the Journal of Public Administration Research and Theory and the editor of the American Journal of Political Science. He is the founding editor of Perspectives on Public Management and Governance.


Research Seminar

The FGGA Research Seminar is a forum for the presentation and discussion of current, high-quality research on topics covered by the faculty. This includes governance at the global, European, national and sub-national levels; public management, public policy and political economy; crisis, conflict and security; and development, sustainability and public health. The aim of the seminar is to stimulate academic discussion and collaboration at the faculty and between the faculty and leading academics and academic institutions.
 The Research Seminar is organized under the auspices of the Graduate School of the Faculty of Governance and Global Affairs.
 The coordinators of the seminar are Johan Christensen, Joris van der Voet and David Ehrhardt.
 If you have questions about the seminar, please write to: j.christensen@fgga.leidenuniv.nl

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