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LUCL staff presentations

Tuesday 15 November 2016
University Library
Witte Singel 27
2311 BG Leiden

On Tuesday, November 15, the new staff members of LUCL will present their research projects. 

After the presentations you are invited to join us for a drink in the Common Room of LUCL.


14.30 - Niels Schiller: Opening

14.40 - Sjef Barbiers: Four perspectives on Syntactic Variation research

14.55 - Maaike Beliën: Towards a new eANS: revising the online reference grammar of Dutch

15.10 - Wataru Uegaki: Knowing the question and knowing the answer: semantics of interrogative complements embedded by attitude predicates

15.25 - Jing Lin: Children's knowledge of conditional sentences with and without conditional words: The case of Dutch and Mandarin Chinese

15.40 - Coffee break

16.00 - Jill Jeffery: Investigating Writing Competence and its Development: National and International perspectives

16.15 - Michaël Peyrot: Tracking the Tocharians

16.30 - Gereon Kaiping: The Bayesian method and how to break it

17.00 - Borrel

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