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LCN2 Seminar: Individuals, groups and explorations in networks

Friday 25 November 2016
Niels Bohrweg 2
2333 CA Leiden

Title: Individuals, groups and explorations in networks: some probabilistic tools

I will discuss some probabilistic tools and related randomized algorithms to explore the architecture of a network.
The two main applications will  be 1) to identify well distributed nodes/individuals in a network and 2) to construct a multiscale procedure giving successive coarse grained descriptions of an arbitrary signal defined on the network.
As an example of the first application, given an electricity grid, we can build a randomized algorithm to place the power plants in the grid giving on average the most efficient energy distribution.
As an example of the second application, we can efficiently compress a signal (i.e. a data set or a function) on the given network.
These applications are based on properties of two main mathematical objects: a random spanning rooted forest and a related random surfer to explore the network.

Joint work with Fabienne Castell, Alexandre Gaudilliere and Clothilde Melot from Marselle, France.

About the LCN2 seminar: This talk is part of a series of seminars organized within an ongoing scientific initiative called "Leiden Complex Networks Network (LCN2), which aims at bringing together scientists with a common interest in both theoretical models and empirical analyses of complex networks and random graphs. The LCN2 community that is being established shares the approach of using networks for describing real-world complex systems and aims at developing related analytical and numerical methods, while also being open to other research approaches for studying complex systems. The talks are designed for a broad audience, allowing for constructive exchanges of ideas between scientists from different disciplines. After the talk, some drinks and simple snacks are provided.

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