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EU Foreign Policy in Practice: Russia and Other Eastern Neighbours of the EU

Wednesday 7 December 2016
Stichthage, The Hague


About the lecture

Beatrix Futák-Campbell will argue that in considering EU foreign policy in practice a specific focus on practitioners’ (diplomats, bureaucrats and public officials) interactions can offer insights into the way EU foreign policy is practiced. Dr. Futák-Campbell will demonstrate the significance of European identity, collective interests, and the role of normative and moral concerns play for EU practitioners when they consider EU foreign policy in the eastern neighbourhood. She will also highlight that these four concepts are interlinked when they consider the policy. These findings are relevant not only for understanding current developments in EU foreign policy, but also for perceptions of a ‘European’ identity in general.

About the speaker

Beatrix Futák-Campbell is Assistant Professor of International Relations at LUC. She completed her PhD in International Relations from the University of St. Andrews, Scotland. Her research interests include contemporary IR theory, especially Poststructuralism and global IR, EU relations with Russia and methods & methodologies on how to study IR. She is also trained as a conversation analyst at the University of York and Loughborough. Previously she was a Marie Curie Fellow at the University of Hamburg and Oxford, she taught at the University of Edinburgh and St Andrews, and she also worked for the United Nation Office on Drugs and Crime, The German Marshall Fund and the British civil service. She is currently working on two book projects (i) Research Methods in IR (Palgrave) and (ii) EU Foreign Policy Practices (University of Manchester Press); as well as developing training material for diplomats.

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