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Computational hub fall meeting 2016

Tuesday 1 November 2016
Gorlaeus Building
Einsteinweg 55
2333 CC Leiden
Cell Observatory (LMUY 04.28)


  • 14:00 Jurgen Haanstra (Systems bioinformatics, AIMMS, VU)
    Attacking blood-borne parasites with mathematics
  • 14:30 Wilbert de Witte (Pharmacology, LACDR, Leiden University)
    Modelling drug concentrations and effect for drug discovery, do we need model simplifications?
  • 15:00 Coffee break
  • 15:30 Eline van Maanen (LAP&P, Leiden)
    Quantification of the modulation of the Aβ oligomers following secretase inhibition – A systems pharmacology approach
  • 16:00 Bart Lenselink (Medicinal Chemistry, LACDR, Leiden University)
    Predicting binding affinities for GPCR ligands
  • 16:30 Drinks
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