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Research Seminar: Bähre, De Maaker and Samuels about their new projects

Monday 7 November 2016
Pieter de la Courtgebouw
Wassenaarseweg 52


  • Erik Bähre
  • Erik de Maaker
  • Annemarie Samuels

Moralising Misfortune 

Erik Bähre will talk about this project ‘Moralising Misfortune: A Comparative Anthropology of Commercial Insurance’ which is funded with an ERC Consolidator Grant. He will briefly present the main theoretical and methodological questions that this project addresses.

Markets, Ethics and Agency

Erik de Maaker will introduce the NWO/ICSSR funded project ‘Markets, Ethics and Agency: Changing Land Utilization and Social Transformation in the Uplands of Northeast India’. This project focuses on the redefinition of ‘land’ in a part of Asia that has until recently remained marginal to the developmental efforts of modern states. Here, land constitutes an important resource that is attributed ‘value’ in a variety of ways. As states and markets gain more prominence in the region, land attains new usages and new values, without necessarily loosing its earlier ones. The research project intends to explore narratives, practices, and imaginations relating to land among local communities as well as at ‘higher’ levels of scale.

HIV/AIDS, care and morality

Drawing on ethnographic material, Annemarie Samuels will discuss her research on HIV/AIDS, care and morality in Indonesia. She will also outline the project on narratives and silences that she will work on in the coming two years as a Marie Curie Global Fellow. 

The Research Seminar will be followed by drinks at the Bamboo Lounge.

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