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Brave New World

  • Ben Hammersley
2 November 2016 - 3 November 2016
Breestraat 60

This fall art, culture, philosophy, science, technology and industry come together in one new event: Brave New World. This will be the place to be for professionals that want to know more on what the future holds in store and which ethical questions will arise. The focus is nog on the technological developments itself, but on the social and ethical impact. By asking questions, bring forward ethical issues and look at possible impacts of future innovations, we can prepare for the future before it is here.

Man vs. Future

During two days people from very different sectors come together to listen to surprising, international speakers like futurist and BBC-presentor Ben Hammersley. But also to discuss and think about questions like: How far do we want to go in improving our bodies? Can computers learn the difference between good and evil? Will privacy become a luxury? And do we want to live in the real world when our perfect world exists online?

To finalise the day, both speakers ánd audience are going to summarise their experiences of that day in a film script. Directors and actors will transform these film scripts in actual short movies about the future, within 48 hours of writing the scripts.

Visualising the future

Brave New World is meant for CEO’s, innovation managers, policy officers, consultants, scientists, developers, artists, futurists, producers and many others involved in developing or advising on future innovations. The issues on the program are not only philosophical discussions, but can really inspire and incite new scientific or commercial developments, progress in policy and regulations and bring about better cooperation between other sectors of industry.


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