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FreSsco seminar: "Social Tourism" within the EU: Legal and Practical Reflections on a Political Debate

Friday 28 October 2016
Academy Building
Rapenburg 73
2311 GJ Leiden
Faculty Room Leiden Law School

More than ever before, free movement persons within the EU ranks high on the political agenda. In various Member States public debates are dominated by fears for "social tourism" and its possible financial implications. Calls are being made for altering the current rules so as to offer Member States greater protection, and recent case law could be interpreted to mean that the CJEU is not ‘unsympathetic’ to a tightening of the rules. Yet, is there actually a need for it? Do the legal tools that Member States currently have at their disposal to protect their social benefit system not suffice? What problems do welfare, social security and immigration authorities face in relation to the inward movement of workers and economically inactive persons from other Member States? The seminar sheds light on the legal and practical reality of cross-border movement and its impact on welfare state regimes in order to properly assess the current political debates on the issue of social tourism.

The seminar is being organised by the FreSsco network (Free Movement and Social Security Coordination) in collaboration with its Dutch national experts Saskia Klosse and Anne Pieter van der Mei and the Europa Institute of Leiden University. FreSsco is an EC-funded network of independent experts from 32 European countries coordinated by Ghent University and Eftheia. The target audience includes staff of relevant authorities and institutions, social partners, academics, NGOs, judges and lawyers. 

In case you wish to participate in this seminar, please fill out the registration form at your earliest convenience. Participation is free of charge. Please note that all costs connected to the attendance of the seminar (travel, accommodation) are at the participants’ expense. Admission is subject to availability of seating.

Programme FreSsco seminar: "Social Tourism" within the EU

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