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Workshop on Renewable Energy: Technical and Political Determinants of Biofuel in Sustainable Transportation

Thursday 13 October 2016

The Hague

Workshop on political and technical determinants of the potential (larg scale) introduction of biofuels, notably in the EU. The Workshop is a collaborative effort between academics at Leiden University and the TU Delft.

The workshop is meant to bring together academics and practitioners interested in this subject, and to explore possibilities for collaboration.




10:00 Room opens – welcome with coffee/tea 


10:30 Welcome by Madeleine Hosli 


Session 1: Potential and Challenges of Biofuel: Reducing the ‘CO2 Footprint’ in 


Chairperson/discussant: Louise van Schaik, Clingendael 

10:40 Personal statement on the topic and introduction of speakers by chairperson 

10:50 ‘Fuel efficiency and emissions of the combustion engine; environmental impact and 
technical achievements by the automotive industry’, 

overview by Reinoud Wolffenbuttel, Delft University of Technology 

11:25 ‘The EU and mass-scale introduction of bio-ethanol in the automotive industry: political-
institutional stakeholders, enablers and obstacles’ 

by Ries Kamphof, Leiden University/Kaleidos Research/Clingendael Institute.


12:00 Lunch break (sandwiches and soft drinks provided) 


Session 2: Large-Scale Introduction of Biofuels: Challenges and Opportunities


Chairperson/discussant: Madeleine Hosli 

12:40 Personal statement on the topic and introduction of speakers by chairperson 

12:50 ‘Techniques for the unambiguous measurement of bio-fuel composition’ 

by Luke Middelburg, Delft University of Technology 

13:25 ‘What mechanisms hamper the large-scale introduction of E85 biofuel in Europe?’ 

by Thijs Bonenkamp, Leiden University 

14:00 Panel discussion (authors, chairpersons; joined by Jaco Visser Ford by teleconf. tbc) 

14:30 Closing of workshop 

14:30-15:00 Continued informal exchanges (with coffee and tea) 



To register for the workshop, please send a message to Mrs. Ragnhild Drange, coordinator MSc 
International Relations and Diplomacy program, (title: ‘Renewable Energy Workshop’). Registration closes on Oct 11, 16:00. 


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