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Lecture | LUCL Colloquium - Fall 2016

LUCL Colloquium Bastien Boutonnet, Lisa Cheng & Khalid Mourigh

Friday 14 October 2016
LUCL Colloquium
Johan Huizinga
Doelensteeg 16
2311 VL Leiden

AThEME: some intermediate results


Advancing the European Multilingual Experience is an FP7 project funded by the European Commission. In this talk, we will provide first a very brief overview of the whole project, including the various work packages as well as participating institutions and countries.

Khalid Mourigh will present his current work on Moroccan Dutch in Gouda within the heritage languages work package. Moroccan Dutch in Gouda has some phonetics features which are not found in endogenous Dutch. The question arises whether these features originate in Berber, the heritage language of most the Moroccan Dutch speakers. In this talk two aspects, voicing assimilation and vowel distribution will be highlighted in the light of possible substrate influence.

Bastien Boutonnet will present his current work on foreign accent processing. In this study, we presented Dutch-speakers both native- and foreign-accented sentences containing a highly expected noun. While we replicated classic findings of word anticipation for native sentences, we observed that the same speakers had lower expectations when processing foreign-accented speech (as indicated by modulations of the determiner time-locked Phonological Mismatch Negativity) suggesting that the previously measured word integration flexibility may be subserved by weaker predictions. Our findings have implications for higher-education contexts where it is growingly common for complex information to be delivered and integrated by non-native language users.

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