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Lecture | Contemporary History and International Relations Research Seminar (CHIRRS)

Seminar 'Does Spying Have A Future?'

  • Richard J. Aldrich
Thursday 27 October 2016
Contemporary History and International Relations Research Seminar (CHIRRS) year 2016 - 2017

Conference Room (2nd Floor), Huizinga Building

You’re cordially invited to the inaugural event of the new Contemporary History and International Relations Research Seminar (CHIRRS) as part of the research theme History and International Relations. On Thursday 27 October, Professor Richard J. Aldrich (University of Warwick) will give a seminar entitled 'Does Spying Have A Future?'

Intelligence in the twenty-first century will be defined by “big data”, greater mobility and personal connectivity. The speed and scale of change is impressive. IBM has estimated that 90% of the world’s data was created in the last two years. In 2012, the world sent over eight trillion text messages. In five years time, everything we buy in a shop that costs more than $20 will have an IP address and will collect information on the world around it. Many farm animals now contain SIM cards that transmit their health status and in ten years time, equivalent body-monitoring for humans will be ubiquitous. In twenty years time we will think - then blink - and send an email. In cities like London, New York and Toronto the majority of human interactions will be recorded.  Will this make intelligence agencies, such as the CIA, more capable?  Or will it mean the end of secrecy and make the more vulnerable?

This seminar is followed by drinks.

Location: Conference Room (2nd floor), Huizinga Building (Doelensteeg 16)

Coordinators: Alanna O’Malley and Anne-Isabelle Richard.


Look out for upcoming seminars in the CHIIRS series in Spring 2017!


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