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CPP Colloquium with Jens Timmermann on 'The Demands of Kant's Ethics'

  • Jens Timmermann (St. Andrews)
Thursday 13 October 2016
CPP Colloquia 2015-2016 & 2016-2017
Reuvensplaats 3-4
2311 BE Leiden
1.01e, followed by drinks

The Center for Political Philosophy in Leiden is pleased to announce a talk by 

Jens Timmermann (St. Andrews)

The Demands of Kant's Ethics


Ethical theories are often accused of asking too much. Their rules and values are said to dominate our lives, leaving no room for personal projects. Until fairly recently only consequentialist theories like classical Utilitarianism were thought to be vulnerable to this line of attack. But questions are now being asked about other ethical theories, such as particularism and Kantianism. In this lecture, I shall argue that considering the charge that morality is too demanding can teach us much about Kantian ethics. Kant’s ethical theory is demanding, but it is not overly demanding; and it can shed new light on the mindset of its critics. 

About Jens Timmermann

Jens Timmermann is Professor in Moral Philosophy at the University of St Andrews. Before joining St Andrews in 2000 he was a Douglas Prince Junior Research Fellow at Keble College, Oxford and a research assistant at Göttingen. His research focuses mainly on Kant’s moral philosophy. He has published an authoritative book on Kant’s Groundwork in 2007 with Cambridge University Press (Kant’s Groundwork of the Metaphysics of Morals. A Commentary). Furthermore, he has edited and co-edited numerous volumes on Kant’s Groundwork, the Critique of Practical Reason and the Doctrine of Virtue. Additionally, he has edited various works of Kant as well as translated several into English. He has published a great many articles on Kant’s moral philosophy that have appeared in, for example, the Journal of Moral Philosophy, the European Journal of Philosophy, Kant-Studien, Utilitas and The Kantian Review.

About the Center for Political Philosophy (CPP) Colloquia Series

The CPP is a collaboration between the Institute for Philosophy and the Institute for Political Science at Leiden University. Attendance of the Colloquia is free and there is no need to register. See http://www.centreforpoliticalphilosophy.nl/ for more information. For further questions please contact dr. Dorota Mokrosinska

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