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Workshop: Virtual Reality and Augmented in education

Friday 16 September 2016

Studiecentrum Plexus

Can Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) help students to understand complex and hard-to-understand concepts? Could it give them a better sense of the working practice of a scientific field? 

During the workshop ‘Virtual and Augmented Reality in education', we introduce teachers to VR and AR, and what these techniques can mean for education. Join the workshop to explore the questions with us and get a headstart in applying innovative technologies.

The near future

In this workshop you will experience state-of-the-art Virtual and Augmented Reality technologies. What can we expect from these techniques in the near future and what are current limitations?

You will get an idea about VR and AR and what the differences are, and we will explore the possibilities VR, AR and 360 degrees video offer as tools for learning. How can you use these techniques to tell your story and increase the learning experiences of your students?

At the end of the workshop you have developed new ideas for educational applications, and we will discuss how these ideas can be made into reality.

This workshop is open and free for all staff from Leiden University. You can join the workshop by filling in this form.

This workshop is given by
Thomas Hurkxkens (Centre for innovation/New Media lab)
Robin de Lange (Virtual Reality Learning Lab)

For questions or more information, you can contact Leontine van Melle

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