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MCBIM Colloquium: An exciting and intriguing‬ journey into the nanomaterials world

  • Dr. Marta Natile (University of Padova)
Thursday 18 August 2016
Gorlaeus Building
Einsteinweg 55
2333 CC Leiden
Lecture Room 6

An exciting and intriguing journey into the nanomaterials world: Nanostructured materials for catalysis, sustainable energy, gas sensing, and bio-nanomedicine

Nanomaterials are attracting a huge amount of attention in the last decades. They continue to show promising potential in several technological fields ranging from catalysis, renewable energy, gas sensing to bio-nanomedicine. In this framework, the design and the synthesis of materials with improved functional properties are crucial. Soft-chemical approaches represent a great opportunity, allowing a fine control of composition, microstructure as well as of the final functional properties. Moreover, a careful characterization aiming to understand the chemical, physical, structural, and morphological properties of nanomaterials is vital for achieving the required efficiency, cycle life and sustainability in various technological applications.

Some examples of inorganic nanostructured materials prepared and studied in my research group will be presented. In the first part of this lecture, metal oxides based materials developed for application in environmental catalysis, hydrogen production and gas sensing will be considered, highlighting the influence of nanostructure, doping, as well as surface properties on functional properties. Afterwards the engineering of nanostructures for improving the solar energy production will be discussed. Finally, some preliminary results on up-converting nanoparticles and their surface functionalization to obtain a nanoparticle based drug-delivery vehicle will be presented.

Dr. Marta Natile research group

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