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Interactive panel discussion

Innovators for Peace and Justice

  • Deborah Ruiz Verduzco
  • Gijs Brouwer
  • Tim Receveur
  • Jean-Martin Bauer
Tuesday 16 August 2016
Schouwburgstraat 2
2511 VA The Hague

Be inspired by the innovators that are creating digital solutions for the development of peace and justice. The Centre for Innovation invites them to talk about their work and visions during the public event 'Innovators for Peace and Justice'.

In the 21st century, professionals in the international peace and justice sector can turn toward new technological innovations to achieve immense progress. The data revolution provides one of these new opportunities: we can increasingly make use of the data from mobile phones, social media and other sources to better understand humanitarian crises and to monitor justice and safety worldwide. However, while maximising these benefits, we want to minimise associated risks. Questions emerge, like 'how do we secure all this data?’ and ‘how do we protect the privacy of vulnerable populations?'

During the public event 'Innovators for Peace and Justice’, the Centre for Innovation invites innovators to discuss this topic with us and the public. Some of the world’s leading thinkers in this field will show the many ways Big Data and other innovations are implemented in international peace-building thinking. You will also get the chance to engage with the speakers. Let yourself be inspired by this interactive panel discussion.

Registration is free, but please RSVP.

James Pinnell, PAX Initiative

Dr. Ulrich Mans, Leiden University Centre for Innovation


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