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Third Cosmopolis Conference 'Philippine Crossings: Entangled Voices between Oceans, c. 1500-1800'

Tuesday 21 June 2016 - Thursday 23 June 2016

Manila, Republic of the Philippines

The Third Cosmopolis Conference “Philippine Crossings: Entangled Voices between Oceans, c. 1500-1800” will take place at the National Historical Commission of the Philippines (NHCP) in Manila. This international conference is organized by the Cosmopolis Programme of Leiden University in cooperation with the NHCP. Several MA and PhD students, and staff members from Leiden University will present their work among a group of international scholars.

The conference focuses on the theme of cultural interaction and commensurability in the context of the early modern Spanish Philippines. Situated at the crossroads of the Indian and Pacific Oceans, the Philippines provide a fascinating middle ground of connected histories that question conventional ethnic, regional and religious identities. As in the case of the previous Cosmopolis conferences (in Yogyakarta in 2014 and Bloemfontein in 2015), in Manila we would like to explore the various ways in which cross-cultural connections have impacted the making of these identities at the regional and local levels. In other words, we aim to understand the movements of peoples, ideas and commodities in relation with the making of early modern cultural formations as expressed e.g. in language, literature, mission, music and architecture. As such, we intend to uncover the dissonant, entangled or silenced voices that challenge the conventional (national, religious and civilizational) narratives of these formations.


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