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Practical ways to impact society - a workshop for the Faculty of Humanities

Thursday 2 June 2016
Matthias de Vrieshof
Matthias de Vrieshof 2
2311 BZ Leiden

As researcher you have most likely come across terms such as impact, knowledge utilization and valorisation. These terms might cover what you've been doing for a long time already, or they might pose a new challenge or are a cause of concern. What do these terms mean exactly? What is expected in funding procedures and research evaluations? How to practically realise valorisation and impact?

Leiden University Knowledge Exchange Office Luris invites you to discuss and jointly answer these questions in a workshop organized exclusively for the researchers of the Faculty of Humanities. During the workshop guest speakers from the Centre for Professional Learning and LeidenGlobal will explain how collaborating with them helps you to have an impact.

The aim of this afternoon is for researchers to obtain a better understanding of valorisation and impact 1) in policy, and 2) in the everyday academic practice. In the breakout sessions you will work on a valorisation strategy for your own research project(s).

You can register for the event by sending an e-mail to: events@luris.nl (before May 26).





13.45-14.00:  Guest speaker drs. Nikol Hopman (Director) – Centre for Professional Learning (CPL)
CPL (Faculty of Governance and Global Affairs) develops programmes for professionals. Collaborating with CPL can be a fruitful way if you want to have an impact on professional communities. Drs. Nikol Hopman will explain how you can collaborate with CPL and what the benefits of such a collaboration are.  

14.00-14.45: Plenary discussion about impact and valorisation
We will discuss how valorisation and impact is understood by organisations such as the Ministry of Science and NWO, and procedures such as the Standard Evaluation Protocol (SEP). Also, we will discuss what valorisation and impact means for you as a research community.

14.45-15.30: Breakout session 1: Developing a meaningful societal mission
After a short plenary introduction, you will develop a specific societal mission for your own research. Central is the question what you concretely aim to achieve for society.

15.30-15.40: Break

15.40-16.10: Breakout session 2: Identifying societal partners and beneficiaries
Building upon your societal mission, you will identify the most important beneficiaries of your research and the societal partners you may need to collaborate with to reach your  mission.

16.10-16.40: Breakout session 3: Selecting appropriate interactions
Different types of individuals and organisations have different preferences for exchanging knowledge. You will select the right ways to interact with the societal partners and beneficiaries you identified.

16.40-17.00: Plenary recap
Room to share important insights and questions that emerged during the day. Additionally, we will briefly discuss what your next steps could be.

17.00-17.15: Guest speaker dr. Amrit Dev Kaur Khalsa – Leiden Global
LeidenGlobal is a community of leading academic and cultural institutions. The aim of Leiden Global is to connect. For example, to introduce researchers to museums. Dr. Amrit Dev Kaur Khalsa explains what Leiden Global is and how Leiden Global can help you to have a societal impact.                              


Dr. Stefan de Jong, Luris’ knowledge broker for the Faculty of Humanities, is the host of the workshop. Stefan wrote a doctoral dissertation on Dutch valorisation policies and practices and co-authored an e-publication about this topic. He regularly organizes workshops and discussions about valorisation, knowledge utilization and impact.

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