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Inaugural Lecture

Medical Delta Event: Inaugural lectures Medical Delta professors

Tuesday 21 June 2016
Aula congress centrum, TU Delft

Big Data in Medical Delta: How metabolomics will change healthcare

Prof.dr. Thomas Hankemeier

Thomas Hankemeier

'Genes provide you with information about health risks. However, they do not tell you that you will definitely become ill, or, if you do, when that will happen. But when you look at metabolites – the interim and end products of metabolism – they give
an indication of how well you really are at that moment! The tricky bit is to create a good read-out that measures all relevant metabolites that can predict the development of diseases in principle; it is then a case of making that affordable. After
that, the data needs to be properly interpreted and then it is a question of suggesting therapies. This approach could even make it possible to identify potential diseases at a very early stage, when they are still reversible, enabling us to prevent disease.'

Can we build a synthetic cell? And will this impact personalised medicine?

Prof.dr. Marileen Dogterom

Marileen Dogterom

'What we are researching is how the structures develop that make cell division possible. How the threads form that arrange the
chromosomes in the cell nucleus and then pull them to two sides within the cell, enabling the cells to divide. We are attempting to bring together the proteins that form these threads and control this process, to see if we can initiate the process ourselves. We do it in a micro-droplet of water, floating in oil. In that droplet, we bring the proteins together, one by one. It then turns out that
with an amazingly small number of proteins, you can build  something like a ‘cellular division machine’. The addition of more
proteins will rapidly intensify the complexity of the system, making it increasingly realistic.'

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