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Artistic presentation of the public PhD defence of Andrew Wright: piano lecture-recital

Tuesday 21 June 2016
Bruijnings Ingenhoeslaan 4
2273 KR Voorburg

Artistic presentation of the outcomes of the research project of docARTES candidate Andrew Wright, 'The Polyphonic Touch - Coarticulation and polyphonic expression in the performance of piano and organ music'.

Andrew Wright will perform two lecture-recitals on June 21:
19.00 hrs: on the organ at the Grote Kerk (Rond de Grote Kerk 12, 2513 AM, The Hague)
20.30 hrs: on the piano at the Koningkerk (Bruijnings Ingenhoeslaan 4, 2273 KR, Voorburg)
Both parts will include a short research presentation.

The lecture-recitals are open to the public, entrance is free.

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