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Common Ground: Remote Sensing and Geophysics in Archaeology

Friday 13 May 2016
Van Steenis
Einsteinweg 2
2333 CC Leiden
Magnetometry at Ramosch, Switzerland (© K. Lambers)

A joint workshop with experts from TU Delft on applications of remote sensing and geophysics in archaeology

Geophysics and remote sensing play an important role in archaeological prospection, artefact analysis, and other sub-disciplines of archaeology. At the same time, archaeological artefacts, sites and landscapes provide attractive yet challenging objects of investigation for remote sensing, geophysics and related fields.

To explore common ground between the different disciplines, this workshop brings together experts from Leiden University and TU Delft who will present their research at the interface of archaeology, geophysics, remote sensing and related fields in short talks and posters. This will be followed by an open discussion about shared interests in research and teaching.

We hope the workshop will help to provide new opportunities for our students and staff members and deepen the existing fruitful collaboration between our institutions. Everyone interested in this interdisciplinary field is welcome to attend.





 K. Lambers

Introduction to the workshop





 D. Ngan-Tillard

Virtual preservation of archaeological remains by X-ray micro-computed tomography


 D. Draganov

Utilization of new seismic-exploration methods for artefact imaging in depth and for seismic imaging of archaeological sites


 R. Ghose

Potential of integrated near-surface geophysics in archaeological investigations


 R. Lindenbergh

Efficient information extraction from laser scanning data


 M. Ertsen

Material agencies in ancient irrigation






Coffee break





 T. Sonnemann

Down to the last Pixel - Multiband use for direct detection of Caribbean indigenous archaeology


 K. Lambers

Autodetection of archaeological sites in satellite images


 J. García Sanchez

New insights on Samnite hillforts, the contribution of LiDAR data


 G. Fontana, B. Düring

Sensing Structures in the Wadi al Jizzi, Oman: Problems and Prospects


 T. Stek

Tracking the archaeology of Roman colonization in challenging landscapes: the potential of remote sensing and geophysics in Apennine Italy


 H. Stöger

Roman Ostia and what lies beneath the visible structures


 L. Kühne

Archaeological interpretation of geophysical prospection data






Discussion: Finding common ground for collaborative research and teaching








In search of something round that’s made of stone - Comparing GPR surveys with archaeological excavations of a Chalcolithic settlement in Cyprus


Opensource software and hardware for geophysics: Combing efforts to move forward


Ancient irrigation network in the Karakum Desert (Turkmenistan): remote sensing applications and future perspectives.


Geophysical prospection of a Roman town in Tunisia


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