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Materializing Theories of Change - Research seminar Maia Green

Monday 30 May 2016
Pieter de la Court
Wassenaarseweg 52
2333 AK Leiden

From poverty reduction to techno-enterpise in Tanzania's development

Prof. Maia Green explores how things come to care and how caring capabilities have to be configured in the context of two very different development technologies with humanitarian aspirations which are currently being distributed in Tanzania. These are high yielding dairy cows aimed at addressing female poverty and child under- nutrition and the metal cash boxes made for use by a developmentally configured kind of small scale savings groups known in the technical literature on financial services for the poor as village savings and loan association (VSLA).

About Maia Green

Maia Green is professor of Social Anthropology at Manchester University. She works on issues of social transformation in East Africa, mostly in Tanzania, and on issues related to international development as a system of global ordering and as a kind of social practice. Her research covers four main areas: 1) religious change in Africa, including the imapcts of Christianity, ideas of self and embodiment and the place of religion in discourses about Africa; 2) the place of witchcraft in social orders, including strategies for dealing with witchcraft, innovations in anti- witchcraft practices and the place of witchcraft in academic and policy knowledges; 3) international development as a social practice and its specialised knowledge forms, including policy making, particpatory methods and concepts of agency and the person; 4) poverty , social exclusion and destitution as analytcial problems and as outcomes of social ordering internationally.

Research seminars & workshops spring 2016

This research seminar will be chaired by Erik Bähre (Leiden University). All the Research seminars and workshops of the Institute of Cultural Anthropology and Development Sociology are given in English and are open for everyone. Afterwards you can join us in the Bamboo Lounge for drinks.

For more information see Research Seminars and Workshops Spring 2016.  

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