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Philosophy of Happiness

  • Taghreed Al-Tasan
Wednesday 4 May 2016
Matthias de Vrieshof
Matthias de Vrieshof 4
2311 BZ Leiden

During this lecture the Saudi-Arabian writer Taghreed Al-Tasan introduces her new book Philosophy of Happiness in which she comments on recent matters of Arabic societies.

In her book, being an advocate of an up-to date interpretation of the role of women, Taghreed relies on an enlightened understanding of Islam. She encourages dialogue and tolerance among different confessions and religions. She also emphasizes the importance of education for a new generation of responsible citizens. Empathically she warns of blind obedience and faith put into false religious authorities that may lead to radicalism and, eventually, terrorism. Taghreed Al-Tasan provides a unique, exclusive view of the daily life and the important topics related to Arab society.


About Taghreed Al-Tasan

Taghreed Al-Tasan was born 1972 in Saudi-Arabia and studied educational studies and psychology in the United States. She worked as a teacher and as head of a kindergarten before she started on her career as a journalist. Taghreed Al Tasan represents a different type of Saudi women than the one we have come to expect. Head of her own publishing agency Taghreed Publications, she actively campaigns against social issues and engages in discussions with men as well as women. She is the author of a weekly column for the biggest Arab newspaper “Al- Hayat” and is member of different social committees and is campaigning for women in Saudi-Arabia.


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