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Mind, Evolution and Film

  • Maria Poulaki
Wednesday 11 May 2016
Cleveringaplaats 1
2311 BD Leiden

Maria Poulaki: Mind, Evolution and Film

In this talk Maria Poulaki (University of Surrey) will discuss the implications of ‘ecological psychology’ for film theory, in particular for the understanding of film reception, both in terms of scene perception and cognitive interpretation. Poulaki’s paper focuses on the implicit link between a particular understanding of film form, and a specific way of theorizing film reception. To tease out this link, Poulaki looks critically at contemporary psychological theories of film, comparing them to classical ones – such as those of Munsterberg (1916) and Arnheim (1933) – to argue that the evolutionary accounts of the former define film form through narrative, thereby excluding or downplaying alternative film traditions, which can however play an important role in the study of film perception and cognition.

Maria Poulaki is Lecturer in Film and Digital Media Arts at the University of Surrey, UK. Her research focuses on the way the complexities of film form interweave with the mental processes of perception and cognition, and the overall embodied and affective experience of film viewing.

This talk is part of the NICA lecture series in Media, Art, and Politics, organized by Pepita Hesselberth, Yasco Horsman, and Tingting Hui. 

Lectures in Media, Art, Politics

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