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Lecture: Machiavelli in Conversation with Islamic and Jewish Political Philosophy

  • Vasileios Syros
Wednesday 18 May 2016
Reuvensplaats 3-4
2311 BE Leiden

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This paper seeks to place Niccolò Machiavelli (1469–1527) in conversation with major figures of Islamic (Ibn Rushd, Barani etc.) and Jewish (Moses Maimonides, Simone Luzzatto) political philosophy. In particular, it traces affinities, commonalities, and divergences in their discussion of enduring themes of political philosophy, such as the principles of effective government, the civil function of religion, and the interplay of politics and morality. The final section of the presentation will address a set of broader issues related to various modes of practicing comparative political philosophy and interpreting sources from diverse political traditions in a cross-cultural perspective.


Vasileios Syros is a Senior Research Fellow at the Academy of Finland and Principal Investigator of the international research project “Political Power in the Early Modern European and Islamic Worlds.” He previously taught at the University of Chicago, McGill University, and the Ecole Pratique des Hautes Etudes. Syros recently launched the book series “Contestations and Reconfigurations: Studies in Comparative Political Theory and Intellectual History” with Edinburgh University Press.

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