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Lecture | GLASS

Diffracted Histories and Colonial Recursions in These Times

  • Ann Stoler
Tuesday 17 May 2016
Academy Building
Rapenburg 73
2311 GJ Leiden
Small Auditorium

Professor Ann Stoler (New School for Social Research) will deliver the Spring 2016 GLASS Lecture. All are welcome.


Diffracted Histories and Colonial Incursions in These Times

This talk poses a simple question: how do colonial histories matter in our contemporary world? Might we think of this moment, not as one of a colonial past or colonial present but one in which a colonial presence pervades sensibilities and evades easy recognition, as it still carves out the jagged political lineaments and fault lines of unequitably distributed duress  today. Challenging us to reconsider the categories and concepts on which understandings of colonial effects have relied, it calls for concept-work that attends not to the fixity of concepts, but to their fragilities and filiations, and the political logics and foreclosures which they support. 


GLASS (Global Asia Scholar Series) is a joint initiative of the Global Interactions (GI) andAsian Modernities and Traditions (AMT) research profiles. As a multi-event platform, the program brings prominent scholars working in fields associated with global and Asian studies to engage with researchers at Leiden. 

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