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Chemical Biology Lecture: Dr. Tom Wennekes

  • Dr. Tom Wennekes
Thursday 26 May 2016
Gorlaeus Building
Einsteinweg 55
2333 CC Leiden
Havinga Lecture Hall

Getting a Grip on Glycan-mediated Host-Guest Interactions with Chemical Glycobiology

All cells of all living organisms are covered by a layer of highly complex carbohydrates, called the glycocalyx. In multicellular organisms these carbohydrates, which are also known as glycans, are essential mediators of a wide range of biological processes such as protein folding, cell signaling and immune.

Microbes are also covered by a thick layer of glycans, and these structures and their interacting proteins are often of critical importance in both symbiotic and pathogenic host-guest interactions. In my research group we use a chemical biology approach to unravel this glycobiology. An array of tailor-made molecular tools are used to profile and perturb these interactive events between organisms at the glycocalyx interface.

In this seminar I will provide a brief introduction to the following four chemical glycobiology research projects in my group: 1) developing a mechanism-based inhibitors for the influenza virus neuraminidase; 2) developing multivalent inhibitors for cholera toxin; 3) capture and growth of probiotic gut microbes on glycan- functionalized porous aluminum oxide culturing chips and 4) metabolic labelling of plant and microbial glycans.

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