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Cycling Chronocities: Presence and Luminance in Telematic Performance and Protest

  • Cissie Fu (Leiden University)
Wednesday 20 April 2016
Cleveringaplaats 1
2311 BD Leiden

In collaboration with NICA, LUCAS will host a monthly series of talks on the changing function of media, art, and literature in our increasingly globalized and media-saturated world.

Speakers from various academic backgrounds and in different stages of their career reflect on the diverging ways in which contemporary technological and social developments are challenging and transforming the cultural and political conditions of our current existence. Each lecture focuses on the inextricable intertwinement of art, literature, media and politics in the phenomena that are discussed. 

Cycling Chronicities: Presence and Luminance in Telematic Performance and Protest
Dr. Cissie Fu (Leiden University)

In this talk philosopher and political theorist Cissie Fu invites us to test the limits of presence and luminance in telematic art through recent expansions of protest repertoire in Hong Kong, Spain, and South Korea. Premised on the dynamic interaction among artists, audiences, telecommunication devices, and new media content, telematic art throws into sharp relief those temporal confusions and spatial disruptions native to our digital environment.

Drawing on the work of Roy Ascott and Julian Maynard Smith, Fu explores how telematic performance reflexively dims realities, distorts senses, and dislocates perception by challenging clear-cut distinctions between real/virtual, embodied/projected, and live/digitalised. Resonating with poetry à la Paul Celan, such performances manifest a congenital and constitutive darkness. Reflecting Giorgio Agamben’s contemporary, they realize being on time for appointments that we cannot but miss. Returning Raymond Geuss’s call for productive obscurity in philosophical practice, they create the kind of ambiguity and indeterminacy that translates effectively from artistic expression to political engagement, towards a resuscitation of Hannah Arendt’s love for the world with 21st-century technology.

Dr. Cissie Fu is Assistant Professor of Political Theory at Leiden University and Co-Founder of the Political Arts Initiative. She is currently writing a book on the politics of silence.

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