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Peace Negotiations lecture series by Sven Koopmans

  • Sven Koopmans
Friday 29 April 2016 - Thursday 9 June 2016
Kamerlingh Onnes Building, B016

Peace Negotiations Lecture Series

Dr Sven Koopmans is Senior Mediation Expert to the United Nations Special Envoy for Syria. He has been involved in peace processes and constitutional negotiations in the Central African Republic, Cyprus, Darfur, Kosovo, Mali, Ukraine, Sudan/South Sudan and other places, working for the African Union, European Union and the United Nations. He is an international lawyer and diplomat with degrees from Leiden University and a doctorate from Oxford University.

Between 29 April and June he will give five lectures on the practice, theory and law of peace negotiations. Active student participation is expected. Each lecture starts with a brief analysis of a peace process, followed by a discussion of the topic, drawing on a diverse selection of current and past peace processes. If time permits, there series will be concluded with a mediation role play.

Please find an interview with Sven Koopmans here.


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