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Graduate School of Archaeology PhD presentations day

Friday 1 April 2016
Van Steenis
Einsteinweg 2
2333 CC Leiden

The annual GSA PhD presentations day is a get-to-know-each-others-research day, and a  ‘Master class’ for PhD students, aimed to improve presentation skills. Chaired by Dr Miguel John Versluys, a group of PhD students will give a paper on their research topic. Feedback from the (peer) audience will evaluate both the contents and presentation skills after each individual paper. Miguel John will conclude all presentations with a short ‘wrap up’ of the strong aspects of the presentation, and give recommendations for improvement (if any).

On April 1 a group of PhD students who have started in 2013 and 2015 are scheduled.



11.00-11.10: Dr. Miguel John Versluys



11.10–11.30: Natalia Donner (2014)

The Potter’s Perspective: A Technological Approach to the Ceramic Sequence of Aguas Buenas, Chontales, Nicaragua and its hinterland

11.30-11.50: Eduardo Herrera Malatesta (2013)

Contested taskscapes in the age of encounter: Amerindian settlement patterns and early colonial cartography in Northwestern Hispaniola

11.50-12.10: Tomomi Fushiya (2015)

Valuing archaeology?: Past, Present and Future in the Nubian communities of Sudan

12.10-12.30: Arjan den Braven (2013)

Charlemagne's palace at Nijmegen. Its creation and impact





13.30–13.50: Wim Kemme (2013)

'Material culture and exchange in the Carolingian Netherlands'

13.50–14.10: Arthur Hamel (2015)

Hidden Landscapes of Roman colonization.

14.10-14.30: Kirsten Ziesemer (2013)

Biomolecular analyses of skeletal tissue in the circum-Caribbean

14.30-14.50: Csilla Ariese (2013)

The Social Museum in the Caribbean: Grassroots heritage initiatives and community engagement


Tea / coffee



15.10–15.30: Roberto Arciero (2015)

Adaptation strategies, water management and social change: the case of Turkmenistan during the Bronze Age

15.30–15.50: Weiya Li (2015)

Decoding the lives of the earliest farmers in Huai River Valley of China, 7000–4000 BC


16.00-16.30: How to write a postdoc proposal

Quentin Bourgeois

16.30-17.00: What can LURIS do for you?

Anke Klerkx - LURIS





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