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Geophysical survey under difficult conditions: 30 years of archaeological prospection

  • Prof. Dr. Jörg Fassbinder (BLfD Munich)
Thursday 21 April 2016
Van Steenis
Einsteinweg 2
2333 CC Leiden
F 1.04
Magnetogram showing pit houses of a the Scythian settlement Čiča-1 in Siberia

Geophysical prospecting methods allow the visualization of archaeological structures beneath the ground. Among a range of different methods such as radar, resistivity, electromagnetic and magnetic methods, the latter was the most applied method by the Bavarian prospecting team during the last 30 years. The study and analysis of the physical and magnetic properties of soils and sediments allows us a detailed and sophisticated interpretation of the prospecting results. Selected case studies of archaeological sites on diverse soils and from different archaeological periods and continents will be presented to show the possibilities and limits of magnetic prospecting for archaeology.

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