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SAMCO: Surrogate-Assisted Multi-Criteria Optimization

Monday 29 February 2016 - Friday 4 March 2016
Niels Bohrweg 2
2333 CA Leiden

With our SAMCO workshop, we aim at bridging the research in both topics, set-based multi-criteria optimization and machine learning. The intersection of these topics is an emerging research area, but the research in the field is still very heterogeneous and distributed over different countries and faculties. Our workshop thus brings together more than fifty researchers from all backgrounds and allows new concepts connected to SAMCO to be discussed under a holistic perspective. This Lorentz Centre 'This Weeks discovery Talk': Breaking the Billion Variable Barrier in Real-World Optimization” held by Prof. K. Deb from Michigan State University ins part of the workshop and open to a wider public. See link on the side. 

The workshop is on invitation and the registration is closed.

Lorentz Center

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