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Coursera Partner Conference

Monday 21 March 2016 - Tuesday 22 March 2016
World Forum
Churchillplein 10
2517 JW The Hague

The 2016 Coursera Partners Conference about online learning on March 21 -22 at the World Forum in the Hague will be hosted by Leiden University this year. Leiden University has been a Coursera partner since 2013. We have been able to innovate our own on-campus education and to actively participate in the global debate about open online education, thanks to the engagement and enthusiasm of many Leiden University teachers, staff and faculty.

This year’s conference theme is “Better Education for a Better World”. There, colleagues from 140 partners from 28 countries will meet to discuss current topics and best practices.

With over 650 courses from top universities now available on the platform, Coursera has made tremendous progress toward expanding access to education. In 2016, while maintaining the commitment to global access, Coursera and partners begin to focus increasingly on learner outcomes. We will work together to explore new innovations in technology and pedagogy, with the goal of moving closer to a world in which anyone, anywhere can transform their life through learning.

Realizing this vision requires to come together, share our best ideas, and challenge one another to push the boundaries of online teaching and learning. We need to find ways to reach learners of all academic, educational, and economic backgrounds. We need to make learning more efficient and effective while delivering content in a variety of new formats. Above all, we need to connect online learning to tangible outcomes - career advancement, community development, and personal transformation.

For more information please refer to the Coursera website.

20 March is for invites only.

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