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The Sinitic Justice System, Past and Present – in a Global perspective

  • Philip C. Huang
Thursday 17 March 2016
P.N. van Eyckhof 3
P.N. van Eyckhof 3
2311 BV Leiden

Students, PhD candidates and other scholars are cordially invited to attend the Keynote lecture by Em. prof. dr. Philip C. Huang (University of California, Los Angeles), ‘The Sinitic Justice System, Past and Present – in a Global perspective’.

Prof. Huang is a leading specialist in the field of Chinese history. He published ground-breaking books on social and economic history, including Code, Custom, and Legal Practice in China: the Qing and the Republic Compared (Stanford University Press 2001). Also, prof. Huang is the founder as well as present editor of the journal Modern China: An International Quarterly of History and Social Science.                         

This keynote is made possible by: Leiden University, Fonds Wetenschappelijk OnderzoekN.W. Posthumus Institute & Global Interactions.

The keynote is part of the conference ‘The uses of Justice and legal pluralism: a global perspective 1600-1900’, Leiden, 17-18 March 2016. More information on the course outline and program
To register as a participant, please send a message to: theusesofjustice@gmail.com

Griet Vermeesch (Free University of Brussels)
Manon van der Heijden (Leiden University)
Jaco Zuijderduijn (Leiden University)

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