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Chemical Biology Lecture

  • Prof. Ronald Raines (University of Wisconsin)
Tuesday 12 April 2016
Gorlaeus Building
Einsteinweg 55
2333 CC Leiden
Cell Observatory Lecture Room

We are very pleased to announce the lecture of Prof. Ronald Raines as part of the Leiden Chemical Biology Lecture series. Professor Raines has made seminal contributions to both the fields of chemistry, biochemistry and chemical biology. From the development of traceless variants of the Staudinger ligation for protein synthesis, to the discovery of n→π* interactions (that were subsequently shown to contribute to the stability of nearly every protein). He has also discovered ribonucleases with toxicity specific for cancers and is currently working on new methods for converting biomass into useful fuels.

In the seminar this coming Tuesday, prof. Raines will be talking about his recent contributions to the field of chemical biology, namely the use of stable diazo-compounds is novel bioorthogonal reagents.

Prof. Ronald Raines

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