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Brazil - a growing power in the South Atlantic and the consequences for its defence

  • André Panno Beirão
Wednesday 30 March 2016
Cleveringaplaats 1
2311 BD Leiden

In recent years, Brazil has become a global player, due to its economic growth, its soft power, but also to a changed attitude in the area of defence. An area of crucial importance for Brazil is the South Atlantic, the Blue Amazon, a concept the Navy developed for Brazilian waters, but that also goes way beyond the Blue Amazon. Thus, Brazilian foreign policy and defence has increased its interests and partnerships with African countries, especially along the Atlantic, and South American countries. To protect all the resources found in the Blue Amazon, the Brazilian Government, mainly after The National Defense Strategy (2008), started to rethink the role of the Armed Force, in particular that of the Navy. This has lead to the signature of some strategic military partnerships, of which the agreement with France is considered the most important. This presentation will address these new perspectives and look in particular at the policies in the area of defence on the middle and long term…

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