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Research Seminar: All of a Piece (Ian Lilley, Leiden University)

Monday 15 February 2016
Pieter de la Court
Wassenaarseweg 52
2333 AK Leiden
Faculteitskamer (1.A47)

'All of a Piece: Unpicking the Roles of UNESCO, the World Bank and Transnational
Corporate Social Responsibility Programs in the Global Heritage Regime'

Heritage and ethical credibility

In his talk, archeologist Ian Lilley will discuss how UNESCO and its agencies, the World Bank and other multilateral financial institutions and transnational corporate social responsibility programs all interact to (re)produce a globalizing modernist vision of heritage and development, and how we might engage with them while retaining a critical edge and our ethical credibility.

Positive change 

Outlining what could be called 'critical heritage studies in practice', he will focus on several current and recent projects which attempt to bringing scholarly critique to the attention of global institutional players in a manner that generates positive change without being reduced to "greenwash" or "bluewash".

About Ian Lilley

Professor Ian Lilley has worked in Australasian and Indo-Pacific archaeology and cultural heritage for 35 years. He currently does fieldwork in Australia and New Caledonia and leads major projects examining Indigenous issues and human rights in World Heritage management.

He is Secretary-General of the ICOMOS International Scientific Committee on Archaeological Heritage Management, and an ICOMOS World Heritage Assessor. He also serves on two IUCN Commissions and holds a variety of other professional leadership positions which amongst other things sees him regularly engaging with development banks and global corporations. 

His most recent books are a heritage-management volume on Early Human Expansion and Innovation in the Pacific (ICOMOS 2010) and the university textbook Archaeology of Oceania: Australia and the Pacific Islands (Blackwell 2006).

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