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Panel “Tunisia is the way”

  • Emna Jeblaoui
  • Jinan Limam
  • Faïrouz ben Salah
  • Mustapha Tlili
Friday 12 February 2016
Cleveringaplaats 1
2311 BD Leiden

On Friday 12 February 2015 LUCIS will organize a panel discussion commemorating the five-year anniversary of the Arab Spring in Tunisia. The panel is co-sponsored by the Embassy of Tunisia in The Hague.

On 18 December 2010 Mohammed Bouazizi expressed his frustration with the lack of perspective in Tunisian society by setting fire to himself. His tragic suicide set in motion what became known as the Arab Spring. In two months the regime of Ben Ali was toppled, with the last member of the regime stepping down at the end of February. Five years later Tunisia’s turbulent path towards building a democracy is considered to be a rare success story in the Middle East, with the Nobel Peace Prize awarded to the National Dialogue Quartet, the most visible proof thereof.

But is this so?

The panel will look into this question by analyzing the current state of affairs in Tunisia. What are today’s achievements and challenges? Will the democratic government be able to survive the destabilizing effects of terrorism and the economic upheaval? To what extent is the Tunisian case unique in the Middle East? The panel will consist of  Tunisian academics and activists.

For an interview with Petra Sijpesteijn about the upcoming panel discussion, click here.

Confirmed panel members

Emna Jeblaoui

Tunisian scholar specialized in Islamic studies; former consultant to the Constitution-building Parliament and National Dialogue and founding member of the Averroes Foundation for Progress and Democracy.

Jinan Limam

Professor of public law at the Faculty of Political Sciences of Tunis and part of the civic resistance movement.

Faïrouz ben Salah  

Advisor and interim-manager at NOUHAD, an institute specialised in social inclusion, youth participation, civil society development and political movements and based in Amsterdam and Tunis.

Mustapha Tlili

Historian; Former vice president of the Tunisian League for the Defense of Human Rights; member of High Authority for the Achievement of the Revolution Objectives, Political Reform and democratic Transition (2011).

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