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IIAS Lunch Lecture | The Fieldwork Paradox in North Korea

  • Valérie Gelézeau
Tuesday 16 February 2016
Rapenburg 59
IIAS Conference Room

"Monument To Party Foundation" by Stephan -Own work, licenced under CC BY-SA 2.0 via Commons. - See more at: http://www.iias.asia/event/fieldwork-paradox-north-korea#sthash.jPYRdGe7.Llaw6tAW.dpufWhile decades of discussion regarding the politics, praxis and ethics of fieldwork have been engaged by many disciplines in the social sciences, within the field of Korean Studies, those topics are rarely discussed per se. This is particularly true regarding studies in and about North Korea, where the conditions of research and access to materials is such that common knowledge considers impossible the practice of fieldwork. ‘Doing fieldwork in North Korea’, the paragon of a ‘closed context’ (Koch 2013) seems like an ultimate paradox. Yet current debate on fieldwork in the social sciences, as well as the urge to develop a “robust [academic and scientific] engagement” (De Ceuster and Breuker 2013 after Barmé) towards North Korea, and a “thick reading” of this country, renders this discussion an imperative.


About IIAS Lunch Lectures

Every month, an IIAS researcher or visiting scholar will present his or her work-in-progress in an informal setting to colleagues and other interested attendees. IIAS organises these lunch lectures to give the research community the opportunity to freely discuss ongoing research and exchange thoughts and ideas.

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