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ICOMOS lecture on Centre for Global Heritage and Development

Wednesday 10 February 2016
Herengracht 474

ICOMOS Netherlands regularly organizes lecture evenings about heritage topics. Next lecture evening, to be held on February 10th in Amsterdam, will put the work of the Centre for Global Heritage and Development into the spotlights.  

The mixed World Heritage site of Papahānaumokuākea, Northwestern Hawaiian Islands (picture: Jerker Tamelander)

In his lecture Jan Kolen, director of the Centre for Global Heritage and Development and Professor in Landscape Archaeology and Cultural Heritage, will describe the work and mission of the Centre. CGHD was founded in 2013 by Leiden University, the Technical University of Delft and Erasmus University Rotterdam. The aim is to stimulate interdisciplinary heritage research and education. The Centre uses its highly qualified researchers, expertise and research methods, as well as its inter-university and interdisciplinary status to go beyond the traditional research of heritage, by focusing on how heritage relates to current social, cultural environmental changes.

Ian Lilley is Professor in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Studies at the University of Queensland in Australia. In 2015-16 he also helds the Willem Willems Chair for Contemporary issues in Archaeological Heritage Management at the University of Leiden and he is involved with the Centre for Global Heritage and Development.

In his lecture 'Linking Culture and Nature' Ian will describe how Nature and culture have long been treated separately in Western heritage management frameworks. That situation is no longer tenable as global pressures force practitioners and policy-makers to develop innovative ways to bring the two dimensions of heritage together in more holistic approaches. Focussing on World Heritage, this presentation will outline the background to the problem, and discuss some recent and current work that attempts to forge a new path forward.

Non-members pay a € 5,00 entrance fee (ICOMOS-members pay no entrance fee)

Drinks and informal meal are served from 18h30. Meal and drinks are € 10,00 per person (members and non-members alike).

Attendance of lecture and meal/drinks is only possible by application through icomac@icomos.nl

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