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Levende Geschiedenis en Archeologie’ conference

Saturday 16 January 2016
Van Steenis
Einsteinweg 2
2333 CC Leiden

The conference's main goal is to improve contacts between practitioners of living history and the archaeological community. This will enable researchers to gain access to specialised historical craftsmen and by working together with them, improve public outreach.

Conference details

Entrance fee: 2.50 euro, on location 5 euro.

Start: 9.30 hrs.
End: 17 hrs and drinks until 19 hrs.




Prof. Dr. Annelou van Gijn:


Dr. Roos van Oosten:

De revolutie van de kookpot

Drs. Annemieke Verbaas:

Experintele en experimentele archeologie

Valerio Gentile:

Bronstijd zwaardvechten Bronstijd zwaardvechten

Dr. Carol van Driel-Murray:

Voorbeelden levende geschiedenis en archeologie

Antoon Reurink:

Workshop: Van wol tot stof

tba Workshop:

Nederlands aardewerk


Lunch will be served by Die Edelike Spijse , drinks include beer, wine, juice and soda. This is included in the entrance fee.

For more information (e.g. registration), see the L.G.A. conference Facebookpage or send an e-mail to the L.G.A. conference organisers.

Please note: Most presentations will be held in Dutch but it is still a great opportunity to get in touch with practitioners of living history during the drinks or lunch.

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