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This Week’s Discoveries | 15 December 2015

Tuesday 15 December 2015
Niels Bohrweg 2
2333 CA Leiden
De Sitterzaal

First Lecture

Title “Discriminating speech sounds despite speaker variation: Comparing humans and birds”.
Speaker Pralle Kriengwatana (IBL)

Pralle is a post doc in the Animal Science & Health cluster of IBL. One of the main goals of her research is to understand factors that affect phenotypic plasticity, especially how they can affect behavioral or cognitive plasticity over an individual’s lifetime. Some of the questions she is interested in are: (1) how can stress during development shape learning strategies? (2) how do age-related changes in plasticity affect learning? (3) what aspects of language learning are specific to humans? (4) to what extent can learning influence fitness, and what are the costs of being plastic?

Second Lecture, Lorentz Center Highlight

Title "Powerful outflows from supermassive black holes in the early Universe"
Speaker Deborah Sijacki (University of Cambridge)

Deborah is a lecturer at the Institute of Astronomy, University of Cambridge. Her primary research focus is on developing novel numerical models which can follow self-consistently the formation and growth of cosmic structures, including all of the three major constituents: dark energy, dark matter and baryons. In particular, she focuses on hydrodynamical modelling of important astrophysical phenomena, such as active galactic nuclei, to understand how they influence the formation, growth and morphologies of the galaxies we observe today. Deborah is participating in the workshop Computational Cosmology that is being held in the Lorentz Center from 14 Dec 2015 through 18 Dec 2015

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