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Research Conference “Litigation, cost rules, funding and behaviour

Thursday 3 December 2015
Kamerlingh Onnes Building, room A051

Obviously, in litigation and other forms of dispute resolution, costs matter. The parties involved invest energy, resources and time in positioning their case as convincingly as they can or want. Apart from other expenses, they incur the cost of legal expenses, attorney fees, legal experts, court fees, et cetera.  But what do we know about the effect of the risk of having to bear the brunt of these costs on litigation strategies and the willingness to settle? Do cost shifting rules further influence litigants’ behaviour in this regard? And do third party funding arrangements cause further changes in this behavioural pattern?

These questions are the subject of the research conference. The subject encompasses litigation, costs, cost rules, funding arrangements and behaviour of litigants generally, including such topics as cost rules, funding arrangements and their influence on the behaviour of litigants, courts and policymakers.

The conference is aimed at a scholarly audience and practitioners with a practical interest in the subject. Speakers include scholars from the UK, Germany, Australia and the Netherlands as well as practitioners sharing their practice experience.


Registration (no later than 30 November 2015):
If you are interested to attend, you have to register by sending an e-mail to  mr. A. Ali Abadi.

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