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Lunch Research Seminar: Youth Party Organizations in Argentina

  • Juan Grandinetti (University of Buenos Aires / CONICET)
Tuesday 15 December 2015
Pieter de la Court
Wassenaarseweg 52
2333 AK Leiden

Youth party organizations as a lens for the study of political parties and sociopolitical processes. The case of Argentina during the Kirchnerist years (2003-2015)

After one of the biggest social, political and economic crisis of Argentina’s history in 2001, the political process opened with Néstor Kirchner administration in 2003 showed a gradual and relative recovery of state capacities. Therefore, political parties appear to be again relevant spaces for political participation recovering some of the legitimacy that was deeply deteriorated in the nineties, when young generations were often described as politically disengaged or, at least, engaged outside political institutions.

Youth political participation has nowadays in Argentina a central place in public debates, with an impressive expansion of youth organizations within political parties.

This talk aims to address the theoretical issue of what partisan youth organizations can tell us about political parties and sociopolitical processes, presenting some research findings about party youth organizations and party activism in Argentina during the last decade. Although it has been a neglected subject in party politics literature, the study of party youth organizations can help us to understand party’s recruitment and social milieu, political socialization, sociability networks and political career building among party elites and activists. Understanding the relation between sociopolitical events and (de)politicization processes, the motives for political participation, new ways of engagement, political repertoires and practices in the young generations can be an approach for the study of party membership and organizations, but it can also contribute to reinvigorate democracy and political parties.

Juan Grandinetti is a PhD candidate at the University of Buenos Aires and PhD fellow at the National Scientific and Technical Research Council from Argentina (CONICET). He also works as teaching instructor in the Sociology Department at the University of Buenos Aires and as researcher in a project about party elites and new right-wing parties in Argentina at the National University of General Sarmiento (UNGS). His PhD research focuses on party youth organizations and young activist political socialization in Argentina.

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