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Gravensteen Lectures

The Gravensteen Lectures hosts leading international scholars at the forefront of thinking through historic, contemporary, and emergent transcultural and international connections and their impacts.

This series features leading international scholars who lecture on key issues and ideas that our shape our understandings of ‘the global’ and ‘modernity’, both in their contemporary and historical forms. The series seeks to explore perspectives that forefront the dynamics of interconnection and rupture at various scales. It will provide a platform for the discussion and debate of various intersections and the key formations (capitalism, urbanization, democracy, disaster, social movements, etc.) and experiences (mobility and immobility, violence and suffering, inclusion and exclusion, etc.) they produce and enable. 

Sponsored by  GI &  AMT

Lecture Information

Each lecturer will speak for 45-60 minutes, and a Leiden faculty member will be invited to give a first response.

Lectures will be tailored to a broad, multi-disciplinary audience. Discussion and debate are encouraged. All members of the Leiden community are welcome.

The Lectures will generally take place on the first Fridays of each month from  3:00-5:00pm at the  Gravensteen, rm 11 ( map). * Please note exceptions on the schedule.

Lecture titles and abstracts will be posted to the LGI and AMT websites and newsletters, along with brief speaker bios. If you would like to receive these updates, please subscribe the the  GI or  AMT mailing list.

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