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Globalising Sociolinguistics

Thursday 18 June 2015 - Saturday 20 June 2015
Museum of Ethnology
Steenstraat 1

Theoretical mismatches

This conferences addresses mismatches between mainstream sociolinguistic models and non-Anglo-Western sociolinguistic settings. Papers are invited on sociolinguistic issues, from various areas in the world, which challenge or expand mainstream theories. Both theoretical and empirical contributions are welcome. Papers will explore sociolinguistic settings in various areas, focusing on difficulties in applying common theory in the area in question, or the need to expand theory. In so doing, the conference hopes to lay bare the nature and the mechanisms related to the named bias and arrive at a more comprehensive understanding of sociolinguistic issues around the world. 

A combined European, American and British dominance is known to exist in sociolinguistic theory-making. This results in difficulties in using several dominant sociolinguistic models outside their ‘western’ geographical domain. Most researchers working outside this domain are keenly aware of this, and hence objections to this dominance are regularly vented by them. However, despite the fact that non-Anglo-Western language settings are described extensively in a multitude of publications, these settings somehow seem to contribute less to mainstream theory, and are implicitly regarded as deviant

Routledge Volume

In February 2015 the book "Globalising Sociolinguistics" will be published by Routledge.

Globalising Sociolinguistics - the book

This conference will also celebrate the publication of the Routledge volume ‘Globalising Sociolinguistics’, which is to appear early 2015. This volume contains 19 chapters – written by 27 authors, from all continents – describing the sociolinguistic situations in various regions and speech communities in the world. Each chapter describes a number of mismatches between mainstream sociolinguistic theory and the situation in the specific region/community. A number of authors will be present at the conference. 

The organisers aim to publish a number of original conference papers in an international peer reviewed journal, so as to continue the work achieved in the Routledge volume.


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