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Sixth International Air Law Moot Court 9-12 April 2015, Beijing, China

12 April 2015
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- Beijing, China

We are very proud to announce that the Australian Team from the University of Queensland (Team 21) has won the Sixth Sarin Leiden International Air Law Moot Court! The Australian Team also had won the Best team oral pleading respondent together with the National University of Juridical Sciences, Kolkata, India (Team 25).  

This year 21 teams participated in the semi-finals represented universities of all over the world (Australia, P.R. of China, Cyprus, Greece, India, Indonesia, Nepal, Netherlands, Nigeria, Poland, South Korea, Sri Lanka, Ukra├»ne, U.S.A.

We again thank China University of Political Science and Policy and Law (CUPL and Beijing Capital International Airport (BCIA) for hosting the moot court competition

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